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I put my heart and soul into each design job because each project is truly important to me. I live by my personal motto, to  autograph my work with excellence. Here are just a few recommendations given to me this past year. 



president, ronald mcdonald house of galveston

I had the opportunity to work with Tina on a fundraising campaign for the Ronald McDonald House of Galveston and it was such a great experience. Every year SLS holds a holiday fundraiser for the house, typically raising $3k-$5k. In 2020, we enlisted the talents of Tina to help develop a more robust marketing story and encourage greater company wide participation. Tina was amazing, in a matter of a few short days, Tina created and executed a truly impactful holiday fundraiser. She utilized her incredible graphic artist skills to put together a full marketing campaign, with e-blasts, communication pieces, and other collateral materials. Her designs were so fun and energetic and really engaged the audience. The campaign raised over $22k, a 400% increase. We were thrilled. The results speak for themselves, but I can also tell you what a joy Tina was during our collaboration. Always ensuring that as a client I was fully involved and happy. Every step of the way Tina checked-in and provide great communication. I can with great confidence say Tina is an exceptional graphic artist and marketer who will deliver on every promise and help you create success with your business.


elizabeth castillo

IT Project Manager, Travis County

It is with great enthusiasm that I recommend Tina Gomez for her professionalism and subject matter expertise in website design and marketing skills. Tina has worked on several projects for me from High School Reunion marketing to HOA Master Planned Golf Community . . . . Tina is highly efficient, meticulous, and "down right friendly" in presenting her suggestions and recommendations. She understands the financial strains of businesses and the associated costs of working with a large marketing firm versus an individual. Tina can represent your needs on a large scale with great results. She works on a collaborative timeline with and the end result has been on time, on budget, and an exceptional response. She is a team player and balances her humor and professionalism.  (full recommendation on Linkedin)



president, quest valves

One of the best there is. Won’t deliver a project until it is absolutely what you want. She is very willing to make numerous last minute changes. Tina has helped me on projects many times after normal working hours. She has met very tight deadlines and her work is top notch. I highly recommend her.  (full recommendation on Linkedin)




Tina is an absolute amazing designer with years of experience. She can create a logo or website layout perfectly, even with the littlest information from her clients. She makes every day a great one with her upbeat attitude and extraordinary skills. She brings new life and new meaning to designing; she designs everything with care and the clients happiness in mind. I highly recommend Tina Gomez to anyone! She is a delight and an amazing, dedicated, hard worker.



Contract Technical Writer at HP

Very few people have the opportunity to work with someone as joyously dedicated as Tina. It was a true pleasure working alongside someone so hardworking, creative, and highly knowledgeable on all things graphic design. All of these traits are clearly evident to all who interact with Tina, but even more-so her clients. Many times she would be complimented on her genuine heart for others by clients for whom she never failed to deliver above and beyond. In addition to this, Tina is an incredibly reliable team player. Whether it’s sharing her wealth of information on graphic design and overall user experience or simply encouraging and supporting ideas, Tina adds value to the workplace that far surpasses that of meeting the status quo and “doing her job”.



Advisor, the post newspaper

Tina Gomez, our highly talented Production Manager brought new life in a very high tech way to The Post Newspaper. Her intuitive creativity brought us from the depths of politics & dark events to the joys of Local Community News. She is a major factor in changing the face of our brand and promoting goodwill here in Galveston County. Her positive outlook and attitude is reflected on every issue of The Post Newspaper.


Technology may have put the brakes on print media, but a talented creative artist like Miss Gomez used modern technology to breathe new life into The Post Newspaper. She has the Midas touch. Miss Gomez is the magic we seek in the creative world around us. She brought The Post Newspaper into the future so a new generation can benefit from all that comes from reading and sharing the good news of our community. Miss Gomez is a fine example of how a Creative Director should be. If you have her on your team, great things will happen.

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