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Did you know that it takes only 1 second for visitors to judge the value of your website and business?  They can determine – at a glance – whether or not your site and business is professional and trustworthy.


I have the skills needed to design a professional website for your business that reflects your company as an industry leader.  Remember that this will be the first time visitors learn anything about your business. It’s critical that your website makes a great first impression. 

I will develop a lead-generating website for your business.  I will work with you every step of the way in creating a website design that fits your brand perfectly. Your website will also include a responsive mobile website that converts visitors into customers! 



> FB Cover Banners 

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> Logo Avatars 



> Targeted  Promotional Banners 

Digital branding is a term that’s used rather loosely to describe all the different ways in which a business draws in its customers online. It includes a number of different aspects of marketing including online advertising, content marketing, social media, and influencer marketing. As a business, establishing a brand is key. In the era of online communications, it is just common sense that you must communicate your brand online to stay ahead of the competition. 

Use your signature as a marketing message. Change it frequently if you send out marketing emails. It can be as simple as reminding people that it’s “National Pizza Day  or that you can help them with their finances. 


> Header Banner Design 

> Email Signatures 

> Sign-Up Forms 

> Email Template Design 



> PDF Marketing Deck



> Logo Design 

> Branding Guide 



> Business Cards 

> Envelopes / Letterhead 

> Presentation Folders 

> Marketing Deck 

> Power Point Presentation 

BUSINESS CARDS  >  This is actually your most valuable marketing asset EVEN if it goes into the trash. Pack it with as much information as it will hold not just your contact information. Good graphics are important, but not as crucial as describing what services you can offer. The cards people hang on to are different and memorable or very useful. 

BROCHURE > A brochure can range from a black and white page to a four-color trifold to a full color magazine. It’s important to have one as it can cover many needs from a handout at a booth or a trade show to a mailer to prospective clients. Don’t bury the benefits. Don’t make someone read and get half-way thought to find it. Tell them upfront what an how your services will benefit them! Don’t be too wordy. The newest generations get their information in sound bites. Color pictures and eye-catching titles and subtitles work best for getting your message across and IF they are interested, they will read more. 

LOGO > A polished image with a visual hook should be the definition of a good logo. Use it everywhere! Thing about designs you have seen that you like. Are they wordless like the Nike Swoosh or Starbucks Mermaid or are they a graphic version of the name such as Whole Foods or Initial like GM (General Motors).


> Tradeshow Banner Design 

> Brochures 



> Brochures 

> Postcards 

> Menus 

> Flyers 

> Magazine Ads

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